Conduction of Science club activity using foldscopes

Science club activity

Date-17th Nov,2018

Venue- East West School, Basavangudi, Bangalore

We from Jnana Vijnana Vidyapeetha went as resource person to conduct Science club activity in East west school using foldscopes. Principal Investigator, Mrs. Kavitha Sebastin gave the introduction of foldscope along with PPT .Students had a lot of samples to be observed under foldscope .We trained the teachers of the school to prepare the slides and focus under foldscope .Lot of slides were prepared and students and teachers enjoyed observing the different slides under the foldscope. They had an exciting session and got first hand experience of handling the foldscopes .The principal of the school too was excited and promised the Science teachers to get foldscopes to  their school .

Pollen grain with pollen tube of Hibiscus
Aloe vera peel showing epidermal cells
Turmeric powder

Arrangement of fibres in fabric




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