High resolution Foldscopy of Mysis, the opossum shrimps

Chilika Lagoon a brackish water lagoon supports many species of plankton. During sampling from southern sector of the lagoon, which also harbours a rich diversity of seagrass and many planktonic species, zooplankton samples were collected. Mysis is a zooplankton primarily marine in nature, belonging to the order Mysida of the malacostracan superorder of Peracarida. Also known as opossum shrimps due to the presence of marsupium or brood pouch in the female which is known to carry the larvae until matured. They can be distinguished from their stalked eyes, thorax to which the appendages are limited, abdominal somites and urosome.  They are the preferred food for many marine organisms such as cephalopods, young seahorses, cultured shrimps, etc. due to their high protein and fat content. We can see in the video the transparent body through which the beating heart is visible.


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Love your setup on the boat. A whole lifetime would not be enough to explore marine life. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.

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