A field study of micro organisms.

Today I have found all these micro organisms in the same flowing water about 600 square feet area at Kakrikhola( Kokrajhar district), Assam where some local people take their bath and also do fishing. Many of them told that they are effected by itching problem on their skin. I showed them the videos of these micro- organisms and told its effects they saw the videos carefully. I have taken these videos by Foldscope. What a wonderful instrument prof. Manu Prakash Sir has invented! I thank personally from the core of my heart to Prof. Manu Prakash Sir for this great invention. Thanks.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Microorganism 11 : Gastrotrich
    Microorganism 13: Stentor.

    this is a treasure trove of life. Yes it is full of life

  2. Jahar says:

    Thanks Laksiyer Sir for identifying the species.

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