North-East Twinning Program- Bean aphid from North- East under foldscope- #Indiafoldscopephase1

Bean aphid

Scientific name: Aphis craccivora

Aphis craccivora prefers plants in the Fabaceae (beans, peas and groundnuts), but it is highly polyphagous and has been found on many plant species. It feeds on the young shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits, and is strongly ant attended.  It is also a vector of several viruses including broad bean mosaic virus, cucumber mosaic virus and groundnut rosette virus. The cowpea aphid has a cosmopolitan distribution.

Fig. 1: Aphids feeding on plant leaf


Fig. 2: Dorsal view of Bean aphid observed under foldscope


Fig. 3: Leg of Bean aphid observed under foldscope

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