Workshop Arranged and Demonstration done in an Exemplary way

LAKES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,  BHIMTAL  again arranged an interactive session regarding the Foldscope.  The Enthusiasm and excitement is ascalating among the students.

Today, we had this prodigious opportunity to demonstrate the students who never ever knew the Foldscope or its usage and never had Access to it. They were  seen delighted,  Sunny, glowing and beatific.  Well, the students wê are gossipping about is from the school of our native area- SARASWATI SHISHU MANDIR, BHIMTAL.

They were also gifted two kits of foldscope,  coverslips and glass slides. We even requested their teachers to make the pupils experiment and do something new with help of this instrument of vital use.

These pics and videos really when seen gives a pride and smile to the face.

Wê really appreciate and show our gratitude to the foldscope community. 😄👍

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