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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a wonderful post. Absolutely love your creativity of heading to the fish market for some fresh fish blood!! Love it.

    I wonder how the fisherman would react to seeing fish blood in real time. It would be wonderful if you went back and actually recorded the reaction; I would love to see how that conversation would go. They know so much about the life of fish they catch – so this would be a wonderful part of experience they would have!!

    Fantastic images. Could you please share your staining protocol!


    1. jyotchnagogoi says:

      Thank you Sir for your motivating words

      Leishman’s Stain was used for staining. After preparing the smear, slide was kept for air drying and stained for 3 mins. Excess stain was drained out and left for complete air dry. Then, cello tape was put on the stained area and observed under Foldscope.

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