Presentation and demonstration of Foldscope in workshop @Imtech, Chandigarh

A 5 day long workshop was conducted at MTCC, CSIR-Imtech. Attending the workshop at Institute of Microbial Technology, Imtech, Chandigarh, was a wonderful experience for me, as not only I got a chance to learn about new techniques in the field of microbial systematics, but also got a chance to meet the academic and industrial fraternity gathered here from entire India. 20 participants from 12 different states, working  in diverse areas as R & D, aqua, pharmaceutical,  industrial, plant, animal bio-technologies. Though it was a diverse group of people of different age groups but all have one common mission– to know more, to explore, to learn and apply when they go back to their workplace.

During workshop, It was a golden chance for me to explain and demonstrate about Foldscope and people were amazed to see its working and magnification.

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All the participants were keen to work with foldscope and they want to procure it for them selves.

I also got an opportunity to explain about the foldscope to Director, Imtech Dr. Anil Koul during an informal discussion during dinner time.

Acknowledgements: Organizing Team,Workshop on “Advanced Techniques in Microbial Systematics” MTCC, CSIR-Imtech

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