Foldscope folding instructions in German

The team of the European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences (ELLS) at EMBL has translated the FoldScope instructions to German. We would like to make the PDF of the translated instruction manual available for download from this page. In addition, we have coloured the critical parts (arrows, dotted lines, etc) in the individual steps in red as we found it sometimes difficult to immediately see what should be done.

Download the Foldscope assembly instruction here in GERMAN: Foldscope Instructions_German

By posting this translation we hope to make the great FoldScope technology available to many more users that are interested to explore the microcosmos of life.

We will also post our experiences on our portal EMBLog which can be found here:

Keep up your good work, FoldScope team!

Best regards,

Philipp Gebhardt and Eva Haas


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