Air sampling near by Najafgarh drain crossing to kings-way camp, New Delhi


Air sampling for determination of NO2 (Nitogen oxide) NH3( Ammonia) and Particular matter (PM2.5&PM10) in the atmosphere near by Najafgarh drain crossing to kings-way camp, behind Guru Teg Bahadur Khalasa College, University of Delhi,Delhi

Foldscope image 10 x : PM 2.5 ( By passive sampler)

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a fantastic post. Thanks for sharing this. Air pollution is such a big issue – it would be wonderful for the foldscope community to focus on.

    Could you please share a detailed protocol for how you collected the PM 2.5 particles? The exact protocol would be wonderful for others to replicate.


    1. kksaini says:

      Respected sir,
      Thanks a lot for very quick and nice comments. Before sharing the protocol of this experiment with microcosmose Foldscope community, I need some more replications of my protocol with Instrumentation techniques. After that I will share my experimental protocols regarding monitoring of PM 2.5 &PM 10 with Foldscope.

      with regards & thanks,

      Dr. Kalawati Saini
      Miranda House

  2. siva.k.p says:

    sir please one foldscope present and i am research in antimicrobial activity in cancer and nanoparticle medicine in plant and zebrafish to uesfull of foldscope present panna mudiyma

    1. siva.k.p says:

      i am studing madurai kamaraj university ……… sir

  3. laksiyer says:

    Yes. would love to replicate it across the foldscope world using geo tags…

  4. says:

    please give protocol for NO test

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