Foldscope Workshop at Jim Higher Secondary School and Millennium School, Imphal conducted by CMR National PU College, ITPL, Bangalore

Under the Foldscope Twinning programme, we visited Jim Higher Secondary School and Millenium School in Imphal along with our Twinning partner D M College of Science, Imphal.

We interacted with the students of grades 11 and 12 and showed them our foldscopes and our research work using foldscopes. The students observed our slides on nano materials, microbes, flower and plant parts, insects and their parts, pollen grains etc. We also showed them pictures and videos taken on our phones using foldscope. The students were fascinated to know about the convenience of using foldscope as a pocket microscope and a research tool. It was an enriching experience for them as they understood how to use foldscope as a research tool. We visited their biology lab and learnt about simple technique of collecting microbes from plant leaves and specimen of animals endemic to that region. It was a wonderful experience for our students to interact with their students.

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