How to identify male and female mosquitoes ? Key characters observed under foldscope

Proboscis of female mosquito
Proboscis of male mosquito
Antennae (Pilose type) of female mosquito
Antennae (Plumose type) of male mosquito
Mouth part of mosquito

Differences between male and female mosquitoes can easily be observed under foldscope. Males have branched, feathery antennae called Plumose antennae (with more hairs), while the females have plain antennae called Pilose antennae (with few hairs).  The male mosquitoes have a feather like proboscis, modified to suck nectar and plant secretions. On the other hand, proboscis of females are relatively smooth and needle like, adopted for piercing skin and sucking blood. Thus, only the female mosquitoes can suck blood from the hosts.

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