High-resolution foldscopy of an unidentified benthic organism.

Chilika lake is a unique assemblage of marine, fresh  and brackish water ecosystem, with amazing floral and faunal diversity.  The diversity is under the exploration and every sampling is an excitement to learn new and more about the prevailing organism and its ecosystem. Chilika harbours a good number of seagrass species which makes the lagoon a productive ecosystem.  With the Foldscope the study of epiphytic community of Seagrass has taken a turn and has risen the curiosity to understand every organism found here.

Image of the unidentified organism.
Anterior part of the organism.


During the southern sector sampling from the seagrasses dominated are, sediment samples were collected. We spotted  a live benthic organism  that was immediately mounted and observed under foldscope. However,, the identification of the organism seemed to be difficult. We would be glad if the viewers could help us in identifying the organism and add their valuable comments below.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Gurudeep,

    What a beautiful dataset – absolutely gorgeous video.

    It has enough resolution and typical behavior to be identified. Let’s look to see if we can identify this as a community.


  2. Gurdeep Rastogi says:

    Thank you Sir for your appreciation. Hopefully, we will know about its identity soon.

    On another note, I am in the process of releasing a post on your visit to Chilika by today. Just wondering, if I can get the live video of Vorticella that you captured as the first video here at Chilika. Never found that again, so far from same jetty 🙁

    thank you

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