Foldscopy of a live female copepod

Outer channel of Chilika, is dominant with the marine organisms. During this month sampling we collected some zooplankton samples from the channel and observed the collected organism under foldscope. The video captures the organism which is a matured female copepod.


This is the video of matured female copepod which is seen to carry eggsacs dangling from the sides of the genital segment of the urosome. We can also see the swirling movement of water in the region below the antenna. This is actually the feeding process which is created by the millipedes and antenna while swimming forcing the food laden water pass through the mouth. Some copepods are known to carry fertilised eggs until they hatch out as nauplius. The nauplius passes through 6 naupliar stages and 5 adult like instars before finally molting into adults.

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