Blood fed mosquito squished between slide and tape #Indiafoldscopephase1

My Daughter’s first pics using Foldscope!

My daughter who is now 9 years old caught one dead mosquito and out of curiosity just put it in slide and then she put the tape on it, the blood in the abdomen got squished and she started observing it under foldscope. The first 2 pics were taken in the month  of October when she  freshly prepared the slide so  only the fresh red blood is seen (pics though blurred as taken by her first time) and due to some reasons she had to leave her observation work in between. Almost after 2 months today when she took out the same slide and observed  she jumped out of excitement and said “Mom, we can still see the blood so beautiful and red” so she took pic of these stages. She is eagerly waiting to hear some comments and views on the slide that she prepared especially the observation on the dried samples.


Blood in Mosquito abdomen
blood that squished out of mosquito abdomen when pressed
Mosquito wing
dried sample
dried blood

Dry Mosquito slide with blood

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