11 Foldscopes in Colombia

These are the persons who joined the beta-project in Colombia.

All of them thank Manu Prakash and his team for the Foldscope!

As several other users around the world, most of them would like to get more foldscopes to teach biology, genetics and botany in public and private institutions in Colombia. Some of them are researchers that are using the foldscope as an easy-to-carry tool to work in the field.

Young botanist, interested in tropical bryodiversity. The foldscope allows him to solve taxonomic doubts while working in the field.
Diego Moreno
Botanist and Faculty at the Pontifical Xavierian University. He is using the foldscope for teaching plant anatomy.
Nestor Garcia
Representatives of the Colombia's Ministry of Education.
Jorge Verdugo and coworker
Faculty at the Biology Department in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Hector Campos
Faculty at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She works with plant tissues
Fagua Alvarez
Researcher at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Carlos Clavijo
Young Biology professor in a Bogotan school. She is highly interested in getting more foldscopes.
Mariela Rodriguez
Medicine undergrad student at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Nicolas Marquez
Young Botanist interested on Orchidaceae
Cristian Castro
Father, biologist, and environmental assessment leader
Cristian Sandoval


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