Hygiene workshop for secondary school boys, REI school, Agra

It is important to maintain personal hygiene to protect oneself from diseases and remain healthy. Awareness campaign on personal hygiene was conducted in secondary school, Agra. A total of 143 students from class 6 to class 8 participated in the workshop.

  • Samples from hands, mouth, feet, unwashed clothes, hair, nails and drinking water were collected.
  • A survey was carried with the objective of understanding the prevailing personal hygienic practices in urban areas.
  • Individuals were exposed to the usage of foldscope for observing microbes, bacteria and fungus which were mounted on slides acquired from hands, mouth, water, feet, clothes of individual and soil    .
  • Cleanliness was emphasised  through various videos which were shown in order to generate awareness on the personal hygiene. Emphasis was laid on foot hygiene as it was observed from the survey that most of the boys don’t wash their feet regularly.
  • An exposure of foldscope gave them a clarity and exploratory insight into the issue.

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