Although Lakes International School already succeeded in promoting the use of foldscope till the standard 8th but On 4TH DECEMBER,  2018 I.e, on Tuesday Lakes International School,  Bhimtal organized a Workshop for the students of the school and also of the schools in the locality like GGIC, GIC,  KENDRA VIDYALAYA;etc. The program took the form grip by the auspicious lightning of Lamp and chanting Maa Saraswati’s Mantra.

These schools mentioned above have a very least Access to Foldscope and henceforth FOLDSCOPE was something new to them. MANU PRAKASH JI’s effort were appreciated by the dignitaries,  elite heads and teachers of the school. The students enjoyed a lot and there was an export and import of the knowledge.

Thanks to Foldscope community.  The pictures and videos express the same.  microscope was also used to verify new results.


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