Nematodes under Foldscope

We took water sample from a pond in Bhauri, a village near IISER Bhopal. On observation under the Foldscope, we stumbled upon some nematodes. Nematodes or round worms inhabit broad range of environments. Many of them are parasites of insects, plants or animals. Free-living species are abundant, including nematodes that feed on bacteria, fungi, and other nematodes. Adult nematodes are comprised of approximately 1,000 somatic cells, and potentially hundreds of cells associated with the reproductive system . Nematodes have been characterized as a tube within a tube; referring to the alimentary canal which extends from the mouth on the anterior end, to the anus located near the tail. Nematodes possess digestive, nervous, excretory, and reproductive systems, but lack a discrete circulatory or respiratory system. In size they range from 0.3 mm to over 8 meters.

Fig. 1. Tail of the Nematode

Fig. 2. Mouth of the Nematode


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