Exploring the Microcosmos!

“The [micro]Cosmos [that we saw through our Foldscopes] is all that is or was or ever will be.” -Carl Sagan in his review of EEB 321

The picture attached here shows a tiny section of a leaf (found outside McDonnell) as seen through a Foldscope at the 0.8 level. It wasn’t easy to get a super clear view of the leaf, especially through the iPhone camera lens used here. While not super clear, it is possible to see a few small details. Down toward the bottom of the circle, it’s possible to make out what look like small leaf cells. The cells appear stacked on top of one another, probably because the leaf sample was a little thicker than optimal for the Foldscope. You can also see the light filtering through at the thinner parts of the leaf. Building the Foldscope was neat, although I didn’t really get a clearer view than depicted here!!


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