Macro and micro study – Nate’s Flying Insect Project, OMS

(Macro pics with laser pointer lens on iPad camera; micro pics with 140x Foldscope)

When I saw this flying insect, we were doing Foldscope.  I was very excited to be doing it and grabbed a yellow (dandelion) flower I saw sitting on the table (from the prior class).  I played with it a little and saw a little teeny tiny bug and decided I was going to look at it in my Foldscope.  I made a little slide for it to be in (with a sheet protector, made into a small sleeve).  (It escaped and then) it started shaking and moving its back part of its body.  I thought it was laying eggs, but it was trying to fly away, and (something) fell off (onto the table) when it flew out into the middle of the room!       – Nate

Molted skin left on paper, prior to video of drying wings
laser lens, iPad flying insect Molted skin left on paper, prior to video of pumping up or drying of wings?  Anyone know what insect this is?  ~ 1 mm long

140X foldscope molted skin of flying insect

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