Observation of Stained Blood Smear Using Foldscope

  • The blood smear was stained with Leishman stain and observed under the foldscope thereafter. The Leishman stain consists of two chemical groups, i.e. Azure B (basic dye) and Eosin Y (acidic dye). The erythrocytes stain pink in color due to Eosin Y as hemoglobin is eosinophilic (acidophilic), whereas the Azure B is a cationic dye which gives purple color to the nucleus and blue/light blue to the cytoplasm.
  • This procedure and foldscopic exercise can be utilized to identify and differentiate leucocytes, malaria parasites, and Trypanosoma.

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  1. S.T.V.Raghavamma says:

    Hello sir, can you tell me how clear picture of blood smear is possible using 140x magnification.

    1. Jitendra Satija says:

      It is very much possible. One has to keep patience to prepare the slide and during imaging.
      For this image and for all of the images posted by me are captured using One Plus 5 Phone. I am not denying the key role of the mobile phone for getting good images, but the sample preparation and operating of the foldscope are also important factors.


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