A Unique collection of Heteroptera from Chandubi Lake, Guwahati

A visit to Chandubi lake , a place of scenic beauty  along with Cotton University students for water sample collection for Dr. Shamim Rahman’s DBT-Foldscope project turned out to be a Jackpot for me too. I along with my project assistant Ms. Santana Saikia and few other students of M.Sc.-  Anindita, Rubina and Rohit started looking for bugs in the nearby vegetation. Suddenly they observed that just near the bank of the lake where the area was very marshy, lot of giant red bugs were seen, which we had never seen before. Along with that another new species of bug (Rebecca sp.) in our collection was added. Huge masses of the eggs were also collected. Here we are sharing the pics of the bug and the egg mass under the Foldscope. These bugs are yet to be identified. We have brought them in the lab and trying to rear them and will try to observe their stages….


Santana And Rohit while collecting
Giant Red Cotton Bug Nymphs
Giant Red Cotton Bug
Rubina observing the eggs collected by Anindita (sitting behind)
Excited Faculty and students of Cotton University to be able to see water sample and eggs of collected bugs right in the field with foldscope
Happy after Jackpot Collection. Photo Courtesy Anindita

Egg of collected Bug under Foldscope

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  1. laksiyer says:

    How interesting? What group does it belong to? Pentatomids?

    1. anjanasinghanaorem says:

      No, one of the bug belongs to Pyrrhocoreidae and another one belongs to Largidae.

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