Cyclopoid :Green Biocontrol agent of Dengue vector

Fig. : Cyclopoid with and without eggs in cultivated KBC-North Maharashtra University Jalgaon, Dr. Satish V Patil Laboratory ( Fold scope Team : Dr. Satish, Mr. Chandrakant Narkhede, Dr. Jamat Rajput, Mr. Sunil & Dr. Bhavana Mohite, KBC-NMU, Jalgaon Maharahtra, India)

The Cyclopoida are small crustaceans from the subclass Copepoda. Similar copepods, members of Cyclopoida are small, planktonic animals living in the freshwater and  sea habitats. They are  characterized by their  rapid movement. Their larval development is metamorphic, and their embryos are  in paired or single sacs attached to first abdominal somite. Recently those are attracted as Effective Green solution for Mosquito vector control. They are selectively feed on Aedes aegypti larvae.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Satish These are gorgeous images and fantastic to know their role in mosquito control. Could you point to some media in which you rear these?

    1. Satish says:

      Yes Sir!!! I am proving algae and some killed bacteria!!! But still for heavy growth trying other—-
      Pure culture is also feel difficult but trying———————
      if you keep open water container with cyclopoid,
      Within week Mosquito (Aedes)larvae appear in water container without Cyclopoid, but with Cyclopoid there is no larvae (Aedes) develop,
      My experiments going !!! will revert soon
      Thanks Sir!!! You are always appreciates &induce me

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