Trying out a new light source for our foldoscopes!

I’ve loved my Foldscope, using it with the small magnifying light source as well as holding it up to the natural light. However I wanted to find another lightsource that would be:

1. battery operated

2. dimmable (and not too bright for your eyes)

3. fairly cheap, yet easy to find (!)

This past week I tried it out in my course at Bard College in NY, using a battery operated LED tap light I bought at a local hardware store (I purchased a 6 pack, plus batteries and remote for $34, but it was not on sale, and I suspect they can be sourced more cheaply).

It is remote control operated, has brightness flexibility, and with a flat surface, I could easily attach a magnetic coupler to the light. The light could also be dimmed to 10%, and gradually raised, if needed, as could a filter be taped onto the surface.

Students found it easy to use, and I’ll continue to work with this hack in the future!


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic hack. How much does the light cost?

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks for sharing this hack. It’s wonderful.

    Also; as an important safety note – whenever anyone in the community tries a new light source – just check its lumen. If the light is too bright to look at directly – it’s too bright for your eye. Better to start very dim and slowly increase intensity.


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