Flowcell set up for phytoplankton identification with foldscope

We are working in a new set up to observe, record and identify phytoplankton using the foldscope. Here some pictures and videos of the prototypes  using capillary tubes, which will allow us to run through large water volumes without minimal preparation of samples.

This work is carried out within the MicroToxMap project, a citizen science project for harmful algal bloom monitoring in the South of Chile. Thanks to the amazing help and enthusiasm of the folks at Prakash Lab, we are very excited to see what can we accomplish in the next weeks!




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  1. laksiyer says:

    Love the setup. Will replicate. What is the capillary bore size?

    1. lmarmar says:

      We have tried different capillary. Latest version 0.2x5mm… We are still working on it. We’ll keep updating!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Thrilled to see this. I am so happy the idea works!

    This will be very valuable for many more applications.. let’s keep pushing this. Tomorrow, I will prepare some paperfuge so we can do a higher concentration as well – in parallel to the in-flow assay.


  3. tpollina says:

    I actually put online the video taken this day on vimeo :

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