Fungal hyphae in peanuts

The practical on testing the presence of carbohydrates in peanuts proved out to be more then that. I had stained many sections using iodine solution. While exploring through foldscope, one of the sections showed fungal hyphae. The peanuts which looked fine and healthy from outside and good to eat had a pathogen hidden in it.

Testing the presence of Carbohydrates in peanuts

In the class room practical to test the presence of carbohydrates in food materials, I selected peanuts. The peanuts were soaked in water for about an hour to soften them and free hand sections sliced. The sections were dipped in iodine solution for 2 minutes and excess of stain removed by gentle washing. On fixing…

Poster making competition on prevtion from mosquito bites and its life cycle

Poster making competition for class vi – viii was organized aiming to spread awareness among children about the life cycle of mosquito and deadly diseases caused by them. These children will participate in study of life cycle of mosquito using foldscope. The foldscope was announced during competition. Prizes were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd…

we have observed open stomata in lemon grass




Observed a onion peel…..with the help of stain…got to know about many stain…. it was a great experience.


A hairy leg of mosquito was observed in Foldscope… Thanks to Foldscope that we young researchers are able to see this wonderful world with a different view.


Planktons observed under foldscope.It was a wonderful experience.

Outermost layer of cutile in an apple peel

In most fruits, as they grow, cuticle is released only at the early stage and later it stops releasing cuticle material. Often the cuticle layer is strained, many a times reversibly, during the development of a fruit. However it’s different when it comes to an apple.Throughout fruit development, cuticle material is deposited as the area…


Chlamydomonas observe under foldscope .The water sample was collected from the floating vegetation called phumdi of KLNP,which is the natural habitat of Sangai.
Rhizopus sp. Plant Stem LS Aspergillus niger from permanent slide

Foldscope Workshop held on 18 September 2018

The Foldscope Team of D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai conducted a workshop on Introduction and Applications of Foldscope in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Bhavan’s College, Andheri, Mumbai on 18th September, 2018. An introductory lecture on Foldscope was given to the participants after which they were taken to the laboratory wherein they prepared slides of fungi, Lactobacillus,…

Training programme at graduate level in D.S.B. Campus Nainital

A short term workshop was organized at graduate level in D.S.B. Campus, Nainital. Students took actively participate in the assemblage and working of Foldscope. They experienced the use of Foldscope for not only class work but also field work. They have seen and photographed the slides of some microbes.