one day Guest lecture programme on “Foldscope for Rumen protozoa biodiversity and parasitic infections

The one day Guest lecture programme on “Foldscope for Rumen protozoa biodiversity and parasitic infections was held at Don Bosco College, Maram, Manipur on August 12, 2019.The two Assistant professors namely by Dr.Meignanalakshmi the principal investigator (PI) Foldscope Project Work & Dr.R.Edith the Assistant principal investigator (API) Foldscope Project Work, Madras veterinary college, Chennai and...

One Day National Level Workshop On Use Of The Foldscope As A Research And Education Tool

Mr.S.Rajkumar (principal Investigator(PI) –Foldscope project work) HOD, Department of Biotechnology,Don Bosco College,Maram conducted a “ONE DAY NATIONAL LEVEL WORKSHOP ON USE OF THE FOLDSCOPE AS A RESEARCH AND EDUCATION TOOL” on 19th June,2019 at PG & Research Dept of Life science ,Muthyammal college of Arts & Science,Rasipuram,Tamil Nadu-637 408

How does Cuscuta a parasitic plant feeds?

A post about this Sunday’s exploration: You must have seen greenish yellow threads/wire like structures on many plants. What are they? Are they part of plant or a seperate plant or creeper? If you go closer you’ll see that they definately not part the plant. And if you try to check if it is creeper…

Train the trainers @ DGVC on 27, Aug & 5, Sep, 2019

Train the trainers workshops were conducted this year after the I years got inducted and settled in their classes. Ten Students from I B.Sc.Physics and I B.Sc. Maths attended these training 27, August and 5, Sep after College hours. These students mainly took samples of pollen and parts of flowers from our campus and water…

DBT Foldscope Workshop @ CTTE College, Chennai, on 22, Aug, 2019

Under DBT Foldscope scheme, One Day Workshop on DBT Foldscope- Assembly & Usage was conducted at CTTE College, Chennai on 22, Aug, 2019. Nearly 50 students from various classes of B.Sc. Physics participated in this workshop enthusiastically. Our volunteers who guided the participants belong to four different generation of Foldscopers of our College. This is…

Workshop for Ramakrishna Mission group of schools, Chennai

Under DBT Foldscope project, we could reach out to nearly 90 students and 10 Science teachers and Science activity room staff of Ramakrishna Mission group of Schools, Chennai. Students and teachers from their three different schools participated in this workshop on 13, Aug, 2019.

Conquistando el microcosmos con Foldscope

En esta breve nota los invitamos a conocer el microcosmos. Promovamos los talleres de aprendizaje de la microciencia y conozcamos el tejido que une la vida en nuestro planeta.


The onion layer cell

Disappointed with foldscope function

I have tried to observe Helminthosporium (fungai) condia through foldscope… unexpected thing was that the clarity was too poor than the expected. The magnification of compound microscope 10xwas found to be superior than foldscope 140x

Pollen from a Spider Lily flower

Slide was made using cellotape and paper slide. I cut part of anther and placed it on piece of cellotape. Then placed another piece on top of it and removed it. Then used one of the tapes that just had a layer of pollen grains for observation. Found this technique very effective and convinient.

Papilio demoleus

Students name : Shilpa , Bharathi, Leelavathi College name:CMR National PUcollege, ITPL, Bengalore Specimen: Papilio demoleus(lime butterfly) Parts observed under foldscope: Proboscis, Wing dust, scales on wings& antenna Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropods Class: Insect Order: Lepidoptera Family: Papilionidae Genus : papilio Species: P. demoleus Description: The lime swallowtail, Papilio demoleusLinnaeus, is sometimes called the chequered…

Exploring the Microcosmos with Foldscope at Khalna, West Bengal

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta and Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya Vigyan Prasar Samity jointly organized a workshop in collaboration with Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya on 19th October 2019 at Khalna, Howrah, West Bengal. Introductory Session- In this session, a brief idea about the origami microscope and its applications were demonstrated by the  Foldscope team,…

Fern Rizome

Images of a fern rizome (from a prepared slide that I purchased along with Foldscope). Please don’t hesitate to correct the image captions in case I got them wrong !

Dirty water