Foldscopic view of surgical mask 3 ply

Pre-Introduction / COVID pandemicIt’s time to question everything we do and change our systems.As we witnessed the need in this pandemic, how much people should have been more systematic and have been working in large scale groups. Moreover, the importance of enabling local communities to lead their ecosystem development because as many as large entities…

A view of Paint Brush in Microscopy

Today I and my small scientist Ms. Sri Lakshmi decide to paint some drawings by using a paintbrush. Suddenly we thought to see the soft brush bristle in microscopy. Once after completing the painting we have opened our foldscope kit and seen the microscopic images of the same. Those images I am attaching with this…

Microscope: A Microscopic pattern of Human Nail captured by using Foldoscope

Dr. Vemuri SRS Praveen Kumar (Ph.D) 1, Ms. Sri Lakshmi (10th class) 2 1Ph.D. from Academy of scientific and innovative research (AcSIR-CSIO), Chandigarh-160030, India. 2PVR Girls High School, Prakasam District, Ongole, India. Aim: To understand the microscopic pattern of dust particles that were accumulated inside the human nails. Description: To view the structures of the…

Lady Butterfly

Lady 🦋 came to our home last weekend without one wing, so I decided to explore more about her. Indoor you can find a lot of insects, that’s fun in quarantine time. #foldscoperuffle #foldscopePeru #mactecGirls #STEM

Plant cells with chloroplasts

I made a slide with Portulacaria afra slices. The Afrikaans name for this plant is ‘Spekboom’ which translates to bacon tree. It does not look like bacon at all. Elephants loves this plant. The chloroplasts are clearly visible.

Kitchen crystals

Today, we stay home while care workers figth coronavirus. We don’t need to go out looking for science, in our kitchens it is very easy. Sugar ( Stevia and sucrose) and different types of salt (pink, smoked and the common) look amazing on foldscope. I recommend look a lot of things like vegetables, fruits stuff….

Surgical Mask

I was looking at a surgical mask that my father uses whenever he goes to get household supplies. I cut a piece from the corner and discovered there were three layers: On visual examination I found that the layers were as follows: The outermost layer was green, and the inner two were white. The middle…

my skin

as i was cutting my nails but then I cut a little bit of my skin by accident and then put it in my foldscope. it looks intresting so this is my skin.

dragon fly wing

Gross but cool! I found a dead dragon fly cut its wings and put it in my foldscope.

Medical mask

Dear Boss, Good day! Hope this email find you good. WEIKANG was established in 1996. It covers 15000 sqm. All workshopes closed production.Products have been xporte to asia, europea, america and austrialia. We have approved CE, ISO13485, FDA and other system certification. Our products include disposalble non-woven face mask, surgical gown, protective gown, isolation gown,…

Rotifer from balcony water tank

Today we looked at the little water tank on my balcony in Dresden, Germany. Since few weeks, green algae started living in the water tank so we thought we might find some more… we found this little rotifer in there, amazing to see the speed it sucks algae in and see the movement of its…

Wonder-worms in a pedestal pond

One fine spring morning, my nephew called me to show something ‘interesting’ in a pedestal pond in our housing society. When I reached there, I saw a beautiful lotus blooming and some dry lotus leaves around (they looked curled up or folded). It seemed that they were being stitched together to make a home… wonder…

Sound gross but magnificent!

This looks like a ball. But it is actually my earwax. I just get my foldscope today and I try to see my earwax. It looks dirty but if you use your foldscope it is beautiful. Try at home👍 .

Ant Mandible & Legs

When I first caught this ant I was curious to see if I could capture a good image of the little leg. I was so surprised to get a good image of the mandible and even more surprised to see it was moving! I am a teacher at home from school during school closures in…

Gravatar Verify email addition

So you’d like to add to your Gravatar account? To do so, simply click on the link below or paste it into the url field on your favorite browser: When you visit the above page, you’ll be able to set a gravatar for your new email address! If you didn’t ask for this email,…

Onion feel very magnified view

Foldscope raffle

Encontrei em casa durante a quarentena um local repleto de Rotíferos, um protozoa microscópico multicelular com vários órgãos inclusive Cérebro! É interessante ver o vórtice realizado pelos cílios que faz as partículas se moverem até a sua boca bonitinha 💞. Visto no microscópio de papel Foldscope, zoom digital com aumento total de 476x.

Maggots and Fungi: A Tale of Quarantine time Exploration

Sitting at home has given us a fresh opportunity to look at our homes with a different lens. While rummaging through my garden, I found that my mother had tried to plant a tomato plant in a pot. The tomato pulp present in the pot was undergoing decay and dessication by fungi, and insect larvae…

Microscopic view: An Internal Structure of Head Lice

Head lice are wingless insects spending their entire life on human scalps and feeds human blood for its growth of life. This particular article shows the internal structure of Head lice images captured from the Delux kit of the foldable microscope. This article shows the images of head lice captured from the foldable microscope by…

Microscopic view of Red Ant

The images of the red ant which was covered by students of 9th class under the foldscope kit to get more interest inside the microscopic world.