Hands on Training workshop

We arrange one day hands on training workshop for school teachers and students on use of foldscope as a research tool on 3rd September 2019.we given the training of how to assemble a foldscope, slide preparation, observation of different samples of plants, microorganisms under foldscope. Students came from different schools of pune and they enthusiastically…

Infected guava

The fungus taken from infected guava and spot it on media plate. Observed spores under foldscope.

Infected coconut leaf

Coconut leaf samples were collected from ICAR Goa. Tissue samples were observed under foldscope. After isolation, the growth on PDA observed under foldscope.

Foldscope reaches out to young minds…..@ Mycological Society of India meet 2018

45th MSI MEET 2018 hosted by MACS Agharkar, Pune:  National Fungal Culture Collection of India (NFCCI) at MACS Agharkar Research Institute, conducted an International Symposium on Fungal Biology: Advances, Applications & Conservation in Pune, India, during 19-21 November 2018, under the aegis of 45 Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India (MSI-MEET 2018). MSI-MEET 2018…