A Unique collection of Heteroptera from Chandubi Lake, Guwahati

A visit to Chandubi lake , a place of scenic beauty  along with Cotton University students for water sample collection for Dr. Shamim Rahman’s DBT-Foldscope project turned out to be a Jackpot for me too. I along with my project assistant Ms. Santana Saikia and few other students of M.Sc.-  Anindita, Rubina and Rohit started…

#Indiafopdscopephase1#Egg of unknown insect

Hello everyone,  here I have uploaded our first pics ( Egg of unknown insects) which were taken by our foldcope.Thank u Dr.  Anjana Singha Naorem for giving us( Regional Science Centre, Khanapara)  a foldscope. Students from different schools visit our science centre. This foldscope will help those students.    

#Indiafoldscopephase1#Twinning with Miranda House,Delhi

Our project was twinned with Dr. Kalawati Saini , Asstt. Prof. Miranda House Delhi. Under this twinning programme me with my PI Dr. Anjana Singha Naorem  visited IARI,Delhi on oct 21st and collected some samples( Heteropteran spp) from there.

#Indiafoldscopephase1#Pond water under my foldscope

One drop of pond water was put in a cavity slide and sealed with microtransparent  cellotape and observed under microscope. Some micro-organism were seen to moving here and there. I couldn’t make out what are these actually?    

#indiafoldscopephase-I#Wings of insect

Hello everyone, here we are uploading our first pictures. Thanks to Dr. Anjana Singha Naorem, Asstt Prof dept of Zoology, Cotton University for giving us this wonderful instrument “Foldscope” in the DBT foldscope one day workshop conducted in Regional Science Centre, Guwahati jointly conducted by Cotton University and Regional Science Centre.  That workshop was quite…

#indiafoldscopephaseI#Salt crystal under the foldscope

30 students along with two science teacher of Maharshibidya Mandir, Silpukhuri, Assam participated in a workshop on foldscope utility conducted by Cotton University and Regional Science Centre Guwahati. There we got a foldscope from PI Dr.  Anjana Singha Naorem,  Asstt prof of Dept of Zoology, Cotton University. These pictures were taken by our students during…

#Indiafoldscopephase1 Foldscope in classroom teaching

Excited Undergraduate Students to see Protozoans under Foldscope for the first time. It was a different feeling altogether for them to observe Protozoans in Foldscope rather than the usual compound microscope. Resolution too was much better.


Hi All! I am very excited to be a part of Foldscope community. Though a late entrant in posting comments and pics since the time I got my Foldscopes but I have been enjoying the pics and videos of the others in the community. I too have taken many pics using Foldscope but haven’t been…

#Indiafoldscopephase1#Feeding puncture made by bugs

Bugs used to suck plant sap by using their sucking type of mouth parts. For this, they first puncture the skin surface of the plant. The type of puncture varies in all plant sap sucking bugs. In these pictures, the yellow colored round portion is a puncture made by Nigera viridula,which is commonly known as…

#Indiafoldscopephase1#Claws of bug

Hello everyone, I m Santana from Assam working as a Project Asstt. of DBT Foldscope project Of PI Dr. Anjana Singha Naorem, Asstt Prof of Dept of Zoology, Cotton University.This is my first post. Here I am posting few pictures of claw of insect which were captured by me with my foldscope. Claws of insects...