Agyathuri High School, Kamrup, Assam

A foldscope orientation program was conducted by CEE North East at Agyathuri High School, Kamrup, Assam. There were 45 numbers of students and teachers present in the programme. We started the programme with a brief introduction about our project and foldscope that students can learn foldscope and use it in their science project. All the…

Head part of an Ant

Ant heads, especially the eyes and mandibles, come in all shapes and sizes. Ants use their heads to sense information about the world around them. This is very important for their survival and the life of the colony. If you watch an ant’s head, the antennae are always moving back and forth, touching, tasting, and…

Ant head and Jaw

The head of an ant and its jaw, found the ant at a park near my house.