Aquarium nematode

Found this little guy in a pinch of aquarium algae. Best I can tell as a layman using, this belongs to the genus Mononchus. They are predatory, consuming other microscopic animals including other nematodes, but apparently not parasitic (good news for my fish tank).

Cabomba plant

This is the picture of secondary laterals of cambomba plant


This is the picture of tardigrade, It was first time seeing a tardigrade be me, This tardigrade was seen in the leaves of salvinia , a type aquatic plant

Freshwater Aquarium I̶n̶s̶e̶c̶t̶ Water Mite

I used a syringe to remove a sample of sand substrate from the bottom of my freshwater aquarium. The splotches of granules around the bug are grains of sand. I saw a total of 3 of them from a total of 3 samples. Anyone have any idea what kind of bug it is? I’m guessing it…