Gummy Bear Wrapper

I have a bunch of gummy bear wrappers in my dorm trash, and was curious to see what the plastic wrapper would look like up close. I cut a small piece with scissors to examine. #Bio60_2021

Banana Peel Fiber

Bananas are my favorite snack, so I examined a banana peel fiber from yesterday’s snack in my dorm. I ripped off a small piece that was dangling off the peel, and noticed it was browning a bit compared to yesterday. At first, the piece I examined was a bit thick, so even with bright light…

Passion flower anatomy

I decided to sacrifice and dissect a Passion flower from my backyard. Using a diagram from the web I’m pretty sure I viewed the petal corona fiber ( purple) ovary ( seeds?) stigma and anther ( both had green pollen grains) and the red petal ( awesome pigment granules!) #Bio60_2021

Backyard bug from Palo Alto

I was collecting flowers for some foldscoping but noticed they were home to some tiny hopping bugs. Managed to trap one and smash it on a slide ( had to) so I could take a look. Very cool! What is it? #Bio60_2021