Cosmarium is a type of green algae

Algae and the plant

In this picture the long structure is the green algae and the green color part is actually the cell of vallisneria leaf, in this picture we could see how an algae has been attached to the plant


Cosmarium (genus name) is a type of green algae

Thread algae

Thread algae is a type of green algae which will be long and filameous, which appears like a thread

Instant noodle seasoning in foldscope

I was cooking some instant noodles to us to eat and i was curious what will i saw if a put the seasoning powder in my foldscope and here’s the results

Head lice under foldscope

When i was watching tv i just saw lice from my sister head, some people found this disgusting but I removed the lice from my sister hair and put it in my slide and directly put it in my fold scope

Bougainvillea bracts

Many colours are usually found in the bracts of plants of the gender Bougainvillea and it’s very common to confuse them with petals. In this pictures we can see the veins.

Observation of intestinal mesentery of Frog

The circulatory system carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells, and removes waste products like carbon dioxide. The three basic components of the circulatory system include blood, blood vessels, and the heart. Bloood is pumped by the heart and then flows through the vessels – a net work of interconnecting arteries, arterioles, cappilaries, venules, and…

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is a solid – liquid form of chromatography where the stationary phase is normally a polar absorbent and the mobile phase can be a single solvent or combination of solvents. In thin layer chromatography, the stationary phase is a polar absorbent which finely ground alumina or silica particles. This absorbent is…

Insect Scorpion

This little insect is too small to be seen clearly with unaided eyes. It looks black in colour and it randomly bit me, it’s bite is just like a sting of a mosquito. I don’t know what it’s called hence, I name this little insect ‘Insect Scorpion’.


Bird feather, filoplume under the foldscope.

Sea Urchin Embryonic Development

Hello Foldscope community. Over the course of 48 hours, using the amazing Foldscope, I documented the embryonic development of a sea urchin. Thanks to my Foldscope and my refrigerator, during this time of COVID-19 I can still do research from the comfort (and safety) of my home. Check out these images! I collected the sperm…

Foldscopic view of surgical mask 3 ply

Pre-Introduction / COVID pandemicIt’s time to question everything we do and change our systems.As we witnessed the need in this pandemic, how much people should have been more systematic and have been working in large scale groups. Moreover, the importance of enabling local communities to lead their ecosystem development because as many as large entities…

Science OR Sports? Find what students chose!!

I was about to leave home to do another workshop in school, interestingly by chance I found those interesting triple together. So it was a great sample to take and show to students. Note* Media found below last one On 4th December we had a workshop in a new primary school for 4 & 5…

Congo-Bound Foldscopes

I’ve got 200 Foldscopes packed in my suitcases as I head to Congo this Thursday on a personal visit back to my Peace Corps village. Dr. Prakash tells me these are the first in Congo and I’m excited to help find the schools and teach the students how to use them. I know that for…

First Soil

As you all know, nature can be fascinating, more specific, biology. Soil for me was the most fascinating and I was curious, what does soil look like up close? The soil is my first sample during a vacation. For some reason, it looked like soil was nothing on a Foldscope, although it looked like it…


Tomopteris is a marine planktonic group of polychaete worms. They are very common in all they oceans and seas, many of them living in the deep-sea. All of these tomopteris species emit blue light, called luminescence. Tomopteris helgolandica emits also a yellow light. All Tompteris are transparant . It feeds on other plankton members. (…

Fungus grown on bark

I came across this fungus growing on dead bark of betel nut tree. I picked few fungus, observed there and then using paper slide and cello-tape which I carry in my foldscope kit. I collected the bark sample to prepare the slide of the fungus using Lactophenol blue stain for identification.

Holotrich Protozoa identification in a field setting

DBT Foldscope scheme – “Foldscope for diagnosis of Rumen acidosis and Parasitic infection in cattle”. This post is in response to Manu Prakash’s comment on our previous post (Holotrich protozoa – from Rumen fluid). Rumen fluid was collected from an healthy cow  (Figure 1) in a sterile container (figure 2).  A drop of rumen fluid was…

Spores of Fern

Ferns are reproduced from spores that are gathered in clusters called sori, which are usually on the underside of the fronds. The spores can be yellow, green, brown, or black. The sori are sometimes covered with a membrane called an indusium, which will lift up when the spores are ripe.