Bird feather, filoplume under the foldscope.

Section of a feather

'While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.' this is exactly what I thought when my partner and I put a few strands of a feather under the foldscope along with my other friends from CMRNPUC ITPL. You could see the smallest of details ,things you didn't know before ....

Tablet + Foldscope

First tests with the foldscope attached to my tablet. I found attaching the foldscope fiddly and hard to keep still – does anyone have any recommendations to improve this? These are all prepared slides of a variety of things – fish scale, feathers, bee’s eye, plant, insect wing, leg & proboscis.

Bird Feather Forensics – Know a bird from a micro-feather

Summary: Feathers are hierarchical structures. Looking at the smaller length scales, it's possible to identify specific birds from just a lone feather. Bird feathers are fascinating objects. Not only do we have little understanding of how feathers develop, we know only a little bit how feathers enhance flight mechanics in birds. Walking around both in...