Blood inside a Head Louse!

Hello from Jakarta, Indonesia! Exploring the micro world, thanks to Foldscope! Shared more on: Instagram @leonny_oureverydaythings Blog: Facebook: … Loving this whole new ‘micro’ experience at home!

Blood: Red cells, white cell and B-cell on stained slide

To push beyond the foldscope-eye limits  try to team it with a high definition smart phone.     A RBC is shaped like a mint lifesaver. The outer edge is thicker than the middle. When viewing with the smart phone zoom in to reveal the 2-micron edge. The normal RBC can be distinguished from an abnormal…

DC Micronauts (2016). Foldscoop. 1:1

One of the things that Manu and I spoke about after our workshop experiences was to explore the microcosmos with a small group of foldscopers. A few of us in the DC area organized a local foldscope club of about 12 individuals, aptly called the “DC micronauts” (thanks for the name Manu). We range in age from 6-45…

Blood Smear under the Foldscope

  This past summer, together with the industrious Yash Jawale (BS-MS 2013) at IISER Pune, we began assembling the Foldscope. The high-mag and low-mag lenses were our two options that we were playing around with. Having the first device was super-exciting. However getting a reasonable image took some learning. Frame-grabs from the videos are what…

Why is blood red?

Why is blood red? In the mean time, let’s pay attention to the last slide I made (with a little bit of water). I was hoping to image some crawling neutrophils (cells responsible to fight foreign elements that invade our bodies). I setup a time lapse with a drop of blood. I did not notice any…

Crack at a mystery of blood drops 

Why a drop of blood cracks? I don’t usually cook. When I cook, I can’t be stopped. So you can imagine a scenario, where I think I know what I am doing in the kitchen; but I really don’t. This scenario unfolded recently, and in the rush to chop some vegetables, I sliced my hand. Not…

Healthy Blood VS Malaria Blood

Healthy Blood Malaria (a disease of the blood that is caused by the Plasmodium parasite, which is transmitted from person to person by a particular type of mosquito)

My Blood Sample

This is a drop of blood I took from my fingertip.  Because the sample was between tape on the slide it moved as I moved the slide around, so I decided to take a video along with the still photos.  <—Click for video on YouTube, it was too big to upload to media.

Whole Blood EDTA

  I am a phlebotomist in a laboratory where my duties include venipuncture, specimen handling, and processing. During the verification process I used a drop of blood collected in an EDTA tube. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid, or EDTA is an aminopolycarboxylic acid used as an anticoagulant in evacuated tubes. It inhibits the clotting process by removing calcium…

Blood on a bandage.

 I was doing some work on my car. I got cut, after I cleaned it up and put a bandage on it. I wondered what my blood would look like under a foldscope and here we have it.