A microscopic classic ; onion

As a classic sample of plant cells, here is my onion membrane cells painted with methylene blue.            

Human Sperm [video]

High mag Human semen sample on glass slide with coverglass, approximately 10 minutes after ejaculation.

Study in Light: Low/High Magnification, Onion Skin and Natural Light.

  The topography of the onion skin delights me and the colors are so beautiful, including a purple impossible to capture. Under lower light, the cell walls look taller than the cytoplasm, and look to be ragged, not as I expected.  The shapes of the cells are interesting, and some are curved, perhaps bulging from…

Cells of a “schefflera” leaf – first foldscope use

                  Because of the pretty shitty weather I made my first attempt with the foldscope with an indoor plant. And I have to say that I’m very impressed! Amazing what this small paper thingy is capable of 🙂   First I tried it just with sunlight and…