Human Cheek cell

this is human cheek cell(the centre one). Some other organisms are also visible as some saliva is also there (and our saliva has tons of bacteria and other organisms). i didn't have dyes so it may look a bit different also I got my foldscope yesterday only.

Cheek Cells in Saliva

Pictured here is a cluster of cheek cells in a saliva sample. There may be some bacteria in the upper-left corner of the field of view, too.

Cheek and inner lip cells

At about 60 microns in size, human cheek cells are larger than most other animal cells (which are typically 10-30 microns). They are also easily found, by gently chewing the inside of your cheek and scraping out the surface with a spoon or a finger. These are some images of Hardi’s cheek cells, first without…

My own cheek cells

We all know we are made out of cells. Several trillion cells to be more accurate. So we loose cells every day – mostly skin cells. When you brush, you loose a lot of cells. If you take your finger and rub inside your mouth; you would have gathered hundreds or thousands of cells from…