Aspirin Crystals Under Polarized Light

I have always been interested in polarized light and wondered if the foldscope could be made to incorporate it. Knowing nothing about optics, I was pretty sure that the viewing situation would be too compressed for this to work…but I still wanted to try. I purchased two plastic, linear polarizing sheets from Edmonds Optics.  I…

Monosodium glutamate crystals

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is responsible for the umami or “savoury” taste of many of our foods. I was able to buy a tiny amount at a bulk food store for only a few pennies….can’t recall the last time I bought something so interesting for only a few pennies!

Tutorial: Surface imaging using Foldscope – ice formation

I want to start the year with new year spirit. Ice crystals. It’s -26C here; yes – you read it right. Most people are enjoying the fact that it’s colder in Montreal than Antarctica. Something we should be worried about; but that’s for another day. Basic foldscope can be used for surface imaging on translucent…


Amethyst is variety of quartz with hues of violet and purple. Mostly found in Brazil and Uruguay, amethyst often has crystal growth patterns. Fun fact: Amethyst will fade when left in the sunlight & when heated in high temperatures, amethyst will turn yellow/orange. To prepare this sample, I crushed a small piece of amethyst with a…


    I examine ”granulated sugar.” I saw this beautiful crystals. It was an exciting experiment for me. by: Yaren Sancak