Pollinators’ paradise

Bees are a rare sight in the city. They are seen as a threat, and we humans are driving them to extinction. Yet, without them no life is possible on Earth. A passion fruit vine in my garden sees scores of pollinators every afternoon. What’s admirable is that both species that visit, honeybees and stingless…

Worlds most beautiful animal you have never seen before!

Every animal (and single cell) in its own right is beautiful because of the delicate balance between animate and in-animate matter it maintains. Life itself is a thing incredible beauty and joy. But this Christmas; I want to introduce you to “officially” the worlds most beautiful animal you might have never seen! Of course I…

Pollens of unidentified tree

Noticed a strange flower in TISS campus, tried to find its name but couldn’t. Can someone help me identify it? Photographed its pollens with d Foldscope, they look beautiful! Pollen size is ~60 microns. Need help in identifying name of plant.

Pollens of Firebush (Hamelia patens)

Pollens of Firebush (Hamelia patens) look like water droplets through the Foldscope. Approximate size of the pollen is 38 microns. Firebush is a commonly found plant in gardens.

Pollens of the Rain tree (Samanea saman)

Photographed and measured the size of the pollens of the Rain tree (Samanea saman) using the @TeamFoldscope. It is the most common tree in #Mumbai. The size of the pollen is around 119 microns and it is polyad of 24 to 32 grains.

Pollens of the Thespesia populnea (Portia tree )

The pollens of Thespesia populnea (Portia tree ) look beautiful. There is variation in size, smaller one is around 70 microns and bigger one is 95 microns in size. Very common tree in Mumbai region. Photographed pollens using Foldscope.

Darkfield Foldscopy

How to turn a simple foldscope to darkfiled by minimum modifications. First take a lens of ypur choice . I took one from a dvd player And now follow the video with earphones I made video becuz i m lazy of writing and videos help better

Watching swimming bacteria in our spit

After a lovely Christmas dinner, my 6-year old nephew (H) and I settle down with a foldscope. And off course we decide to look at spit; in search of bacteria. This is video with the regular basic foldscope without light module. We use just the hanging light in the room as our light source. Enjoy!!…