Observed live Chironomus Larvae under Foldscope

Chironomidae, also known as Chironomids, belongs to phylum Arthropoda “. Larval stages are found in almost any aquatic or semiaquatic habitat. Larvae are bright red in color due to presence of hemoglobin; these are frequently known as “bloodworms”. Observed the thoracic basal ring of the larvae.


Trichomes serve a variety of functions, depending on their location. As root hairs (and as leaf hairs in epiphytes), trichomes absorb water and minerals. As leaf hairs, they reflect radiation, lower plant temperature, and reduce water loss. They also provide defense against insects.

FoldScope Demonstration Plan

Hello All I am planning an demonstration in schools next month along with an awareness event for malaria. Plan for event Talk: Malaria overview Demonstration: Foldscope kit along with blood slide Any suggestion..how i can improve this event. Regards Hemant kumar BankhedeMalaria Awareness event with Foldscope    

Trichogramma embryophagum under foldscope

https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/VID_20181023_125853-1.mp4 https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/VID_20181025_152238-1.mp4 https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/VID_20181025_152327-1.mp4

Trichogramma embryophagum

It is an exotic species of Trichogramma. Apple codling moth is a targetted pest of T. embryophagum Thanks to Dr.Y.Lalitha

Foldscope and Crystallography Workshop at Madurai

Melavalvu Government Higher Secondary School 11th and 12th standard students actively participate in the foldscope workshop. Our Ariviyal-Solai Guru Mr.Shanmugavel and Ariviyal-Solai Ambassador Mr.Surya assist me to organize this wonderful event.

Twinning program between Foldscope teams of The D. G. Ruparel College, Mumbai and Bijni College, Assam.

On  fourth day i.e. 29th September 2018 we conducted a National Workshop on “Foldscope: Assembly, Hands-on Training and Applications” in Basugaon Higher Secondary School, Chirang District, Assam. The workshop included an interactive talk with the students which was given by Dr. Sewali Pathak- Principal Investigator Assam and Junior Research  Fellow- Ms.Priti Dubey, Mumbai. This was…

IISF India International Science Festival 2018 at Lucknow

I went to IISF India International Science Festival for my research work poster presentation. There, I met Mo Pandiarajan (Foldscope Expert) sir. He verbally invited me to give foldscope training program for IISF India International Science Festival students/participants. It’s my pleasure to help our Kerala and Andhra Students to assemble the foldscope. Surprisingly, I met Prof. Manu…


The eye arrangement can be a key factor when identifying spiders to family, and sometimes to genus, but are almost never useful in identifying to species. For identifying to species, spinnerets and leg details (especially first and 4th legs) are also useful. However, the best thing anyone can do is to get an extreme closeup…

Heartbeat of Zebra fish recorded under foldscope

Zebra fish (Danio rerio) has been emerged as one of the latest “models” for vertebrate embryological development studies. It offers advantages over traditional mammalian models as it has transparent body which is helpful in tracking down of drugs and can easily be monitored under foldscope. Heartbeat of the normal Zebra fish embryo (a week old)…

Posterior Spircale of Stomoxys species

Stomoxys commonly known as stable fly resembles the house fly (Musca domestica).  Stable flies are obligate blood feeders and primarily attack cattle and horses for a blood meal (Entnemdept.ufl.edu, 2018) The Stomoxys larvae was collected from an infected wound and was processed. The steps involved are: The larvae was boiled in 10% NaOH for about 5…

“Utility of the Foldscope in Crop Protection: Assessment-cum-Training Workshop for Farmers” at Haristhala, Karnataka

ICAR–NBAIR conducted a workshop entitled “Utility of the Foldscope in Crop Protection: Assessment-cum-Training Workshop for Farmers” at Haristhala village in Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka on 28 August 2018. The main purpose of this workshop was to introduce the Foldscope to the local farming community and to assess the utility of the gadget in crop protection….

Best Poster Award at the First International Conference on Biological Control

  Our poster titled “Taking advantage of the Foldscope in biocontrol research and practice” won the “Best Poster Award” at the “First International Conference on Biological Control: Approaches and Applications” held at Le Meridien Hotel in Bengaluru on 27–29 September 2018.  The poster was acclaimed by the delegates and attracted the attention of many international participants. 

EURAXESS ’18 Research Day

I attended  EURAXESS’18 Research Day at The Oterra Hotel, Bangalore on 26th September 2018 and became a EURAXESS Ambassador.  I am planning to pitch Foldscope Outreach Program in EURAXESS Platform as well as to conduct events/program in rural part of our country.

Inorganic Crystals: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Structure Crystal structure Triclinic (pentahydrate), space group P-1, a = 0.5986 nm, b = 0.6141 nm, c = 1.0736 nm, α = 77.333°, β = 82.267°, γ = 72.567°   Properties Chemical formula CuSO4·5H2O (pentahydrate) Molar mass 249.685 g/mol (pentahydrate) Appearance blue (pentahydrate) Density 2.286 g/cm3 (pentahydrate) Melting point 110 °C (230 °F; 383 K) decomposes (·5H2O) <560 °C decomposes Solubility in water 1.055 molal (10 °C) 1.26 molal…

Foldscope Outreach at Vanita Vishram Primary School 24th Sept 18

Under the aegis of tge Star DBT Scheme at K.C.College an outreach was organised as a special request for 4th graders st Vanita Vishram Primary School, V.P.Road, Mumbai. The childrens joy had no bounds when they could hold the microscope in their hands, adjust on their own to enhance the field view n more. Led…


Observed a Dog’s nail on foldscope….it was a amazing view….had a great experience.