White Spots on Mosquito Legs

DITI NAGAONKAR-EKYA SCHOOL, ITPL Some species of Mosquitoes, especially Aedes, have presence of tiny white spots on their legs. These spots when viewed under the foldscope appear as thin and slightly translucent areas. They can be easily contrasted with the dark opaque areas of the leg.

Mosquito Proboscis

DITI NAGAONKAR-EKYA SCHOOL, ITPL The proboscis of a mosquito is attached to its head. It allows the mosquito to suck in the blood from any animal. It is tubular, needle-like in shape and nature and pierces through the skin. When observed under the foldscope, the proboscis appears to have hair-like structures present on it.

Mosquito Body

DITI NAGAOKAR-EKYA SCHOOL, ITPL The Body of the mosquito is cylindrical in shape. The first picture below depicts the posterior end of the mosquito. The second picture shows the thorax region. It is where the wings of the insect are attached.

Mosquito Wing Structure

DITI NAGAONKAR-EKYA SCHOOL ITPL The mosquito has a delicate wing which appears translucent. The whole wing appears like a sheet of light and dark bands. When observed under the foldscope apparatus, very thin vein-like structures are observed in the wing.  

Mosquito limbs under Foldscope

DITI NAGAONKAR- EKYA SCHOOL ITPL The mosquito limbs are attached to the abdomen and thorax. They appear with numerous fine hair. While most of the limb is cylindrical in shape, small cone like structure are present in the middle of the limb.

Mosquito Wings under the foldscope

DITI NAGAONKAR- EKYA SCHOOL ITPL The wings of the mosquito observed have a waxy appearance and had streamline shape. They are found attached near the first pair of jointed legs.