Fern Pinnae

Pinnae EdgeYoung Pinnae TipPinnae mid vein with side veinsPinnae mid vein with side veins Pinnae edgePinnae edge

Fern leaf at SFU

On June 3rd & 4th the Simon Fraser University Dept. of Physics hosted more than 90 school children from Surrey, BC, their teachers, 60 local high school teachers and attendees at the 2019 CAP Congress for three Foldscope workshops presented by Manu and his team. (Manu was the Herzberg Memorial Lecturer for the 2019 Canadian…

Spores of Fern

Ferns are reproduced from spores that are gathered in clusters called sori, which are usually on the underside of the fronds. The spores can be yellow, green, brown, or black. The sori are sometimes covered with a membrane called an indusium, which will lift up when the spores are ripe.

Anatomy of a fern

These are some first images of reproductive structures from a fern in my yard in Charleston, SC.

First foray into the micro world!

After about a year’s wait, recieved the Foldscope. Managed to take a good pic of the fern rhizome structure which came as part of the kit. p I think the above structure is vascular bundle. Not sure of its size though.