Fish scale from salmon

Out of curiosity, I saved a scale while preparing a salmon for supper. I was surprised to see it resemble a whorl pattern, like a fingerprint.

Exploring the sea at the dining table Episode 2

Hi Foldscopers, My marine biodiversity exploration at home continues! This is fish scale of Sebastiscus marmoratus, commonly called Marbled rockfish.         In Japanese, it’s called Kasago かさご, but I learned that in the local dialect it’s also called Arakabu あらかぶ. So many names!   This is what the fish looked like on…

Fun with Fish Scales

Having become more familiar with using the Foldscope on pickleweed in the Elkhorn Slough and being inspired by barnacle cirri at Point Piños, I wanted to take a look at some other animal structure under the Foldscope. The first thing that came to mind was fish scales, since I thought they would be easy to…

Tablet + Foldscope

First tests with the foldscope attached to my tablet. I found attaching the foldscope fiddly and hard to keep still – does anyone have any recommendations to improve this? These are all prepared slides of a variety of things – fish scale, feathers, bee’s eye, plant, insect wing, leg & proboscis.