Flower petal :)

having a foldscope opens a window to the world around me! Still learning how to tweak the phone camera with the magnetic coupler, as my iPhone camera somehow became magnetised and it keeps flapping and moving .. so excited to collect specimens and see everything!

The Cell Arrangement of Leaves vs Flower Petals (BioE80 Spr2015)

As humans, we interact with nature very often, and since I am an explorer, I ask many questions when I go outside. There are so many things we can learn from studying the things that go on outdoors, and today, I decided to explore whether or not there are similarities in the cell layout of…

Vinca Major

        This is a petal from a Vinca Major flower. I wanted to see the veins of the plant in the petal. You can still see the purplish ┬ácolor.