Wild Violets in My Yard

I examined three purple spring flowers in my yard (tulip, lilac, wild violet) expecting them to look similar at the cellular level. I was surprised how different they looked! Here is a picture of the wild violet. What are the little alien-like tentacles? See my other posts for pictures of the other flowers.

Kalanchoe and Marigolds

In this entry I will be comparing the pictures of two different type of flower petals as seen under a foldscope!

Pollen of Golden duranta flower

Duranta – Yellow Foliage. The most common form of hedging Duranta is “Sheena’s Gold”. It’s striking for its yellow foliage. It has a dense habit and is happy to be kept as a low to medium size hedge. … More often it’s used as a feature plant or as a striking companion hedge to a green hedge like Murraya or Box.

The Journey To Spread Pollen (BioE80 Spr2015)

Being tasked with exploring the micro-world around us, my partner and I set out to answer the question: how do flowers spread pollen? While this is not a new inquiry, we wanted to see for ourselves what our textbooks had only abstracted to us. As a result, we found two different anther samples and proceeded…

Are dandelion petals more than one cell? (BioE80 Spr2015)

We were looking at dandelions near the mainquad and wanted to know whether or not the white dandelion petals were made up of one cell or more than that.  To find the answer to this question we took a few of the white dandelion petals off of a plant and prepared a slide for the…

The Cell Arrangement of Leaves vs Flower Petals (BioE80 Spr2015)

As humans, we interact with nature very often, and since I am an explorer, I ask many questions when I go outside. There are so many things we can learn from studying the things that go on outdoors, and today, I decided to explore whether or not there are similarities in the cell layout of…