My Microcosmos Soil Sample

This is a sample of soil that is used by the foldscope. Extra: This is a sample of a fiber from a shirt. (You can distinguish the fiber sample by the long strips.)

I celebrate Earth Day with Foldscope

I went to my garden and in 1 meter i collect lot of sample. Like,dry leaf, leaf,soil,ant etc. My garden picture. My fold scope Dry leaf Sample Leaf Sample Soil sample Foldscope is amazing and cool thing. I can see which what would not see in my normal eye. Foldscope is the best thing. Thank…

Fern Pinnae

Pinnae EdgeYoung Pinnae TipPinnae mid vein with side veinsPinnae mid vein with side veins Pinnae edgePinnae edge

Coffee Powder

It’s me Paakhi, Here is my observation through foldscope. This is how I observed the Dry Coffee Powder. Do try this!!

Human Hair

It’s me Paakhi, Here is my observation through foldscope. This is how I observed the Human Hair Structure. Do try this!!

Dear Sir: A Foldscope Fable

Hi, I am new to this platform. I am just getting started and very excited to learn and grow with this amazing community. I made a film on the wonder of foldscope. This film is a fictionalised account of the Indian Scientist Manu Prakash and on his invention of foldscope. The film is my love…

Unfolding Foldscope for the First Time

The current pandemic may have restricted the movement of youngsters but it cannot hold off their passion to learn. Upon discovering Foldscope online, we got a basic kit for these budding, young citizen scientists who gamely assisted in setting it up. It’s a wide stretch of learning and discovery path for them as they try…

Conquistando el microcosmos con Foldscope

En esta breve nota los invitamos a conocer el microcosmos. Promovamos los talleres de aprendizaje de la microciencia y conozcamos el tejido que une la vida en nuestro planeta.

Delicioso encuentro

No era la primera vez que miraba a través de mi Foldscope pero sí era la primera vez que preparaba una muestra después de varios años de no hacerlo. El yogur que compré, hecho de manera tradicional en casa, estaba ahí a la espera porque de él obtendría una pequeña cepa de bacterias. La historia…

Congo-Bound Foldscopes

I’ve got 200 Foldscopes packed in my suitcases as I head to Congo this Thursday on a personal visit back to my Peace Corps village. Dr. Prakash tells me these are the first in Congo and I’m excited to help find the schools and teach the students how to use them. I know that for…

Aspergillus niger under the foldscope

Aspergillus niger is a fungus and one of the most common species of the genus Aspergillus. It causes a disease called “black mold” on certain fruits and vegetables such as grapes, apricots, onions, and peanuts, and is a common contaminant of food. It is ubiquitous in soil and is commonly reported from indoor environments, where…

Onion cells under the foldscope

An onion is made up of layers that are seperated by a thin membrane. For this experiment, the thin membrane will be used to observed the onion cells. It can be obtained by peeling it from any layer of the onion using tweezers.

Plant pot water full of life

Hey everyone, I’ve collected some water from the bottom plate of a plant pot to see what I would find there. I was completely blown away by the amount of things moving, and by the amazing diversity of species I could find. Their circling movements and erratic wiggling seemed like a dance to me! Unfortunately…

First Tardigrade found!

Hey everyone, I’ve found my first tardigrade today ! I found the little face he is making in this picture really funny. I made a video about him, in the end there is a creature I found while searching for the tardigrade that I can’t identify, If anyone is willing to give it a gess…

Cape Town Escapades with Foldscope!

To the many Foldscoping thrills ahead of me in Cape Town! If you were to tell me a year ago that I’d be in Cape Town for a quarter off my university studies, I probably would’ve looked left and right, then accepted my ignorance by saying “Uhh, what? Where exactly is Cape Town, and what’s…