Pollen grain of Lily flower

Pollen grains contain male gametes. When the pollen lands upon the female stigma of another Lily flower, the pollen grain germinates. A tube grows out of the pollen grain through the stigma; the male nuclei pass down this tube and fuse with the female ovules.

Compound Eye of a Moth

Moths (like many other adult insects) have compound eyes and simple eyes. The Compound eyes are made up of many hexagonal lens/corneas which focus light from each part of the insects field of view onto a rhabdome (the equivalent of our retina). They have simple eyes (ocelli) which can only differentiate dark from light.

Observed Euchlanis Rotifer under Foldscope

Euchlanis is a genus of the microscopic invertebrates known as rotifers. Sometimes alternatively referred to as wheel-animalcules, rotifers feature a characteristic circular arrangement of cilia at their front ends that are reminiscent of a turning wheel when they are in motion. In addition to a ciliated corona, or head, Euchlanis species have transparent bodies and two strong toes…

T.s sunflower stem

It is species of flowering plant of family Asteraceae species is helianthus anus . Cross section of stem show distinct vascular bundle in circle around large central pith typically annual dicot stem. Section followed by single layered epidermis followed by collenchyamatous hypodèrmis for mechanical support V.B are collateral nd open nd endarch a strip of lateral…

Stool sample

Stool sample of 10 months old child no parasite or ova is seen in this stool sample, slide is prepare by using Kato-katz technique and observed under Foldscope from R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

Foldscope, Tardigrade and The Himalayas Part 02

Hey folks, here’s a post about my journey in the Himalayas with Foldscope. Follow me on Twitter and Researchgate to know more. Lets continue… We further trekked to our next campsite i.e., Chika (32.2821 N 77.2558635 E; 2998 m above sea level) Next camp major camp site was Bhalu ka Ghera (32.2801933 N 77.2967295 E;…

Foldscope, Tardigrade and The Himalayas Part 01

Hey folks, here’s a post about my journey in the Himalayas with Foldscope. Follow me on Twitter and Researchgate to know more. My current endeavour on Tardigrades (water bears) started as a passion for Astrobiology, these tiny creatures are known to survive extreme environment conditions (i.e., low or high temperatures/pressures, high dosage of X-rays/gamma rays/UV…

Staining of bacteria from microalgal culture

Staining of bacteria from microalgal cultureSimple staining of bacteria under foldscopeGram staining of microalgal consortia isolatesSimple staining of bacteria in different microscopic fieldSimple staining of bacteria in different field under foldscope Staining of bacteria from microalgal cultureStaining of bacteria with cell phone's 4X digital zoom under foldscopeStaining of bacteria 

Teacher Training in Assam

Xylem and pholem of a plant Xylem and phloem of a plant studied in foldscope as part of teachers training in Assam conducted by CEE North East. Four schools have been selected near the Deepor Beel, a Ramsar wetland to study the microorganisms. The teachers trained will guide the students to use foldscope given to…

Aspirin Crystals Under Polarized Light

I have always been interested in polarized light and wondered if the foldscope could be made to incorporate it. Knowing nothing about optics, I was pretty sure that the viewing situation would be too compressed for this to work…but I still wanted to try. I purchased two plastic, linear polarizing sheets from Edmonds Optics.  I…


Trichomes serve a variety of functions, depending on their location. As root hairs (and as leaf hairs in epiphytes), trichomes absorb water and minerals. As leaf hairs, they reflect radiation, lower plant temperature, and reduce water loss. They also provide defense against insects.

Workshop for “Foldscope”

Workshop for "Foldscope" conducted in a government higher secondary school jethal (rural area of ujjain) by the team of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

Trichogramma embryophagum

It is an exotic species of Trichogramma. Apple codling moth is a targetted pest of T. embryophagum Thanks to Dr.Y.Lalitha

Mosquito Proboscis

DITI NAGAONKAR-EKYA SCHOOL, ITPL The proboscis of a mosquito is attached to its head. It allows the mosquito to suck in the blood from any animal. It is tubular, needle-like in shape and nature and pierces through the skin. When observed under the foldscope, the proboscis appears to have hair-like structures present on it.