Radula of Octopus

In molluscs a rasp-like structure of tiny teeth used for scraping food particles off a surface and drawing them into the mouth. The radula is analogous to a tongue and is used to aid in feeding and rasping through the shells of its prey.

Head part of Mosquito Larvae

The head of the mosquito larva is basically prognathous. The mouthparts, therefore, are considered as anterior appendages. The mandibles and maxillae exhibit a wealth of taxonomic characters that, unfortunately, are not extensively used in mosquito taxonomy. A lateral palatal brush (mouth[/no-lexcion] brush) is borne anteriorly on either side of the mouth. In most larvae, the brushes consist…

Foldscoping at Science Congress

We participated at Mizoram Science Congress exibition and introduced the foldscope to the students and people who visited the exibition on 4th and 5th October.   Water sample taken from a playground near the school.

Spirulina observed in collected samples

We viewed the august samples during the month of september. We have been observing different plankton species and we are quite overjoyed to find Spirulina in the samples as they have a great medicinal value and are good sources of energy.  

Developmental Biology and Foldscope

One day training cum awareness programme was carried out at Lakhimpur Markaz Academy, Lakhimpur, Assam. A number of experiments were carried out and demonstrated infront of the students which were of different biological fields. Training on Foldscope at Sonapur High Madrasa School, Bongalmora, Lakhimpur, Assam. The students of the school are basically of minority community...

Twinning Resource Person From Mangalore

Dr. Bharati  Prakash, HOD, Department of Microbiology, Mangalore University was one of the resource person in the 1st twinning  workshop session on 23/06/18 in Biotech Lab in KV Khanapara.

Bdelloid rotifer in fresh water

This smallest animal of the Earth was found in drainage water of Dhakuakhana area, Lakhimpur, Assam. The male organism lack of digestive system, our finding may be a female one.

Pollen grain

Pollen grain of Hibiscus rosa sinensis under foldscope