Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Ticks were collected from dogs and stored in 10% Formalin. Based on the Anatomy, the tick was identified as Rhipicephalus sanguineus under foldscope.

Microalgal cell Microalgal cell with hyphae.Mixed microlgal cells. Microalgal cell with hyphae from another microscopic field.

OUTREACH – Workshop on “Foldscopes” for participants of Salters’ Chemistry Camp

Ahands on session on “Foldscopes” was carried out for 65 participants(31 girls and 34 boys) studying in the IX th standard in State Governmentschools from Bhopal, Dewas, Hoshangabad, Raisen, Rajgarh, Sehore, Shahpur,Ujjain, Bhauri, Bakaniya of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This was a part of athree day residential program organised by The Royal Society of Chemistry(India)…

Microalgae under Foldscope

Single celled microalgaeMicroalgae under foldscopeMicroalgae from differnt field of foldscopeMicroalgal cells Mixed microalgal cell under foldscope

Staining of bacteria from microalgal culture

Staining of bacteria from microalgal cultureSimple staining of bacteria under foldscopeGram staining of microalgal consortia isolatesSimple staining of bacteria in different microscopic fieldSimple staining of bacteria in different field under foldscope Staining of bacteria from microalgal cultureStaining of bacteria with cell phone's 4X digital zoom under foldscopeStaining of bacteria 

Foldscoping at Science Congress

We participated at Mizoram Science Congress exibition and introduced the foldscope to the students and people who visited the exibition on 4th and 5th October.   Water sample taken from a playground near the school.

Fig 24

Green Microalgal cellChlorophyceaeSingle cell microalgaeSingle cell microalgae under foldscope

Spirulina observed in collected samples

We viewed the august samples during the month of september. We have been observing different plankton species and we are quite overjoyed to find Spirulina in the samples as they have a great medicinal value and are good sources of energy.