Foraminifera in sand sample

Few weeks back had done two posts on foraminifera. I tried to look for it in the sand sample collected from Jaipur, India. Couldn’t find the foraminifera in that sample. I kept looking for it many different samples since then. Today, I was digging through the sand sample collected from the Girgaon chaupati (beach) in…

Microfossil: a successful hunt

I have been looking for microfossils from last month. Finally found one in sand sample collected from a beach in Mumbai.

Hunt for microfossils continues

This time used 10x lens with digital zoom of phone camera. Got some good photos but no microfossils. In the photos you can see that the sand in Jaipur, Rajasthan is composed mainly of quartz particles, and some minerals. 

Hunting microfossils: a failed experiment

Work brought me to Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is located in Aravali mountain range, the oldest in Indian subcontinent. I thought it is a best time and place to look for microfossils. While traveling to work, I spotted exposed sedimentary rock. It was exposed due to road construction (see photo). I scrapped done surface deposit and…