My first observation a flea

For my first observation with my new Foldscope I wanted to go back to a Robert Hooke classic, the flea. Last summer my cat got fleas, so I collected some and preserved them in alcohol. I made this perminant slide. This image is full frame, no cropping, taken with an iPhone 6 and the Foldscope…

Mr. DuRant’s 7th grade science class at VPAA

My students collected, mounted and identified microscopic features of specimens from the school’s garden – all in the field. My students love the Foldscope’s ease of use and the design. The Foldscopes have also been a big hit with my school’s admin. and my colleagues. We’re doing a piece on the school news show about our Foldscope project….

Reaction of vinegar and baking soda [video]

Low mag Some baking soda was placed on a glass slide and covered with a cover glass, then a dropper was used to place some vinegar on the slide. The vinegar was sucked under the cover glass by capillary action and reacted with the backing soda.

Human Sperm [video]

High mag Human semen sample on glass slide with coverglass, approximately 10 minutes after ejaculation.

Patterns in Plants

I love patterns and a few years back I discovered that there are beautiful patterns to be found in plants at a microscopic scale. So I was delighted to find this awesome pattern in a prepared slide of a corn stem: To me, it looks like a bunch of tiny skulls screaming. So delightfully creepy….


I found some old prepared slides of bugs so I decided to see how they look under the Foldscope. And they look great! Here are two different fleas:   And some mosquito parts: LEGS                                          …

Binder Clip Method of Securing a Glass Slide

Myself and a colleague have built and used two Foldscopes thus far and are very impressed. We tested it with both a prepared glass slide and the paper slide making materials provided in the kit. One thing we noticed was that a glass slide, being fairly heavy in relation to the scope, is hard to…